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Terms of use

Before browsing the website, thoroughly read the terms and conditions below carefully.

All the terms and conditions provided are the fundamental basis on which the Pak Cheers website and all social media pages are formed on. If you choose to access any content available on any of the Pak Cheers pages, you are bound to agree with the policies and conditions of the company. Pak Cheers is not responsible for any omission or error in any content, written or designed on any company pages. The company reserves the right to make changes without any prior notice or notification. Pak Cheers is a directory representing information and content from third parties as it is. Pak Cheers bears no responsibility for the authenticity or services of the information provided by the vendors. The promotions and deals on Pak Cheers pages are not to be interpreted as conferring license to any brand or vendor. Pak Cheers disclaims all the warranties provided by the vendors. Pak Cheers is not to be held accountable in case of any damages.Pak Cheers won’t be responsible for any of the compensations in case of indirect, special, consequential or accidental loss in terms of revenue, profit or investment.The comments or views on any post or other information provided in discussion forums or threads are supplied by guests or visitors. It does not represent Pak Cheers view or opinion on the matter. Any information such as responses, feedbacks, stories, images or reviews provided by visitors to scan and will be used in an unrestricted manner. This means that the Pak Cheers will be free to reuse, reproduce or share them on any of the company’s pages. Before posting any comment or sharing any opinion on any of Pak Cheer’s discussion forums or social media pages, it is recommended to keep the following points in mind:

  • Use of obscene, strong, harmful language or any vulgar picture is strictly prohibited.
  • Words hurting others race, ethnicity, nationality or otherwise are prohibited.
  • Something defamatory (i.e., something that is negative and untrue about another person or entity) is not allowed.
  • Content that promotes criminal conduct is prohibited.
  • Content that is threatening, fraudulent, harassing, unlawful, abusive or discriminatory is prohibited.
  • Making any private document public that contains information (such as proprietary, inside or confidential information) that you do not have a right to make available to public due to contract, fiduciary duty, or operation of law is also not allowed to be published.
  • Advertising products or promoting services other than those that are offered and promoted on the site is prohibited.
  • File that contains any virus, malware, spyware, or other harmful content or code is not allowed to be shared on the website.

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